Save water by same shower comfort

Showers need about a third of the daily water consumption in private households, hotels or sports facilities! There is a high potential to save water. But conventional water-saving shower heads have a big disadvantage: Less water means less shower comfort. We have the solution: the patented ECOTURBINO technology! A small turbine – easy and quick to install – generate a strongy swirled water-air mixture which saves about 40 percent water and energy – without any loss of shower comfort.

Good reasons for ECOTURBINO

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You save water
With ECOTURBINO you can save up to four buckets of water per shower. This means a reduction of water and energy consumption by around 40percent

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Same shower comfort
The special feature of the ECOTURBINO technology is that there is no loss of the shower comfort. By adding air, the water jet feels the same as before – you won’t feel any difference!

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You save energy cost
With ECOTURBINO you need fewer (warm) water per showering process. The result: You save energy costs, reduce the drinking water costs and pay less channel fees. A private household with three people saves about 180 euros per year, a business hotel with 100 rooms saves about 12,000 euros per year.

Savings Calculator – Calculate your individual water, cost and energy reduction.

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Hygiene enhancement
No buildup of biofilm (legionella) and crustations in tube and shower head because of intensive water turbulences created by ECOTURBINO.

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You protect the environment
Less energy consumption also means that less CO2 is released. With ECOTURBINO a household with four people saves around 400 kg of CO2 per year, a Business Hotel with around 100 rooms saves around 28,000 kg of CO2 per year.

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You use a proven and certificated system
The function of the ECOTURBINO, developed and patented in Austria, has been tested and confirmed by independent experts and TÜV Austria. It is also certified as an accepted measure acc. Energy Efficiency Act and has been awarded with the Austrian Eco-Label and the Upper Austria Energy Globe.

This is how the ECOTURBINO works

Installation between fitting and shower hose, the ECOTURBINO is immediately ready for use after installation.

By the constriction of the diameter the water is accelerated. This creates a negative pressure, which adds air via a bypass and mix it with the water. This causes to an enlargement of the volume through the enriched air-water mixture.

Despite a water reduction of about 40 percent, there is no loss of shower comfort.

Additionally the strong water jet cleans the shower hose and the shower head: No buildup of biofilm (legionella) and crustations in tube and shower head.

Varied application areas – special references

ECOTURBINO - Naturhotel Pfösl South Tyrol

Sustainability and regionality are lived in the Naturhotel Pfösl. In the next three years the hotel wants to become climate neutral and is using ECOTURBINO as part of the targeted measures.

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Our services for you

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Our experts will give you information about “saving water and energy”.

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We help you to select the right type of ECOTURBINO. For larger objects we also make tests directly there.

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We calculate your individual water, cost and energy reduction.

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You will receive a certificate for the energy efficiency measure acc. EEffG for your energy supplier.

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On request, we install the ECOTURBINO in your company or arrange a specialized plumber.

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We answer all your questions (price, technology, etc.).

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