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Ecoturbino® - the complete product range at a glance!

Choose the optimal Ecoturbino® water saving system for your shower!

You already have a fixed bathroom and want to significantly reduce water consumption? Then the Ecoturbino® is the optimal solution. Quick and easy to install, it reduces water consumption by around 40% without any noticeable loss of comfort. But if you want to redecorate your bathroom or change the shower head and need a complete set, whether hand shower or rain shower, then choose from our SET offers!

Ecoturbino® - saves approx. 40% water and energy with full showering comfort

The perfect retrofit solution for all common hand showers and overhead showers at our commercial customers (hotels, spas, dormitories etc.) based on a previous on-site test by our sales staff

  • rd. 40% water and energy savings without loss of comfort
  • simple and quick installation - can be done by anyone without any problems
  • 1/2″ screw connection
  • TÜV certified

Please note that the Ecoturbino only works properly in showers with flow rates of more than 8 liters per minute (before mounting the Ecoturbino). Showers with already low output flow (e.g. low pressure or calcified shower head) may cause malfunctions.

Ecoturbino® Standard 1F - Hand shower set with 1 spray type

The water-saving miracle as a complete solution for your shower!

The complete hand shower set for your bathroom, consisting of

Ecoturbino® - save approx. 40% water and energy
High-quality shower hose, rotatable on both sides, manufacturer RC Mannesmann
High-quality, robust 1-jet shower head, manufacturer RC Mannesmann

Ecoturbino® Top Head Set - It doesn't get any cheaper than this!

The innovative overhead shower with integrated water saving function, consisting of

  • Ecoturbino® - save approx. 40% water and energy
  • High quality overhead shower, manufacturer RC Mannesmann

6 pcs. jet regulator/jet former inner part 5L/min incl. key

The small aerator with great effect and the ingenious service key with it!

  • The RCM flow stabilizer reduces water consumption to 5 liters per minute, independent of pressure.
  • Air admixture creates a pleasant and soft comfort jet with a splash-free and perfect water discharge.
  • The aerator is characterized by a very low noise level and a long service life due to limescale protection.
  • The aerator is suitable for M22x1 female thread and M24x1 male thread
  • In addition, the appropriate service key for assembly, disassembly of the carrier sleeve.

The "L" series - Ideal for healthcare facilities and hygiene-conscious individuals

The Ecoturbino® L actively protects against germs in the shower hose and shower head. After the showering process, the shower head is completely emptied or the shower hose is partially emptied by allowing the water to escape through the air hole in the Ecoturbino®. This actively reduces the risk of biofilm or germs and legionella forming in the shower hose or shower head. The "L" series is mainly used by healthcare facilities, nursing homes, as well as hygiene-conscious businesses and private individuals.

Of course, the typical saving function associated with the preservation of the shower jet intensity remains in full!

The ECOTURBINO test kit for the hotel industry

With the free ECOTURBINO® test kit, you can measure the current hot water consumption in your showers and faucets and quickly and easily check how you can reduce it by up to 50% with ECOTURBINO® water and energy saving inserts for showers and our 5l/min aerators for sinks, without any loss of comfort for your guests.

Simply send an email to greentech@rabmer.at with the password "Ecoturbino test kit" and please include the hotel name, delivery address, number of rooms and contact details - within a few working days you will receive the test kit free of charge.

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