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The Dachsteinkönig Familux Resort does it - saving water with the ECOTURBINO®

The Dachsteinkönig Familux Resort offers family holidays 2.0 in the most innovative family hotel in Europe. The resort combines child-friendly facilities with contemporary, sophisticated design down to the smallest detail and impresses with its casual generosity. Fun, adventure and relaxation for families are just as natural here as the particularly cuddly time with your partner.

Reside with the highest level of comfort

The Dachsteinkönig Familux Resort ****s at the foot of the imposing Gosaukamm, a small massif of the Dachstein massif in Gosau / Upper Austria, is one of the flagship establishments of Kinderhotels Europa. The most innovative children’s hotel in Austria is characterized by five smileys and a well thought-out infrastructure. the water and energy saving system is well thought out. In order not to waste water unnecessarily, the hotel relies on ECOTURBINO® – this saves water and energy in the long term with every shower, without the guests having to forego comfort. “As a model company for children’s hotels in Europe, we think it is particularly important to think ahead and make provisions for future generations. By installing the ECOTURBINO water and energy saving systems, we are able to offer our guests the same high level of comfort as before the installation and still do something for the environment and of course our operating costs,” says Ernst Mayer, hotel manager

Luxury and water saving measures perfectly combined
In the Hotel Dachsteinkönig in Gosau, a total of 154 showers were equipped with the ECOTURBINO® water saving system. This means that around € 21,690 in costs, around 4,757 m3 of water and more than 193,368 kWh of energy can be saved annually. The investment pays for itself after just 3 months.

Here you can find more information about our innovative ECOTURBINO water saving system.

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