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The Wartegg Castle at Bodensee relies ECOTURBINO®

The ECOTURBINO naturally also finds its customers beyond Austria’s borders, and with good reason, because climate protection and saving costs are good reasons to take innovative measures! Hotel director Richard Butz from Hotel Schloss Wartegg on the Swiss part of Lake Constance (https://www.wartegg.ch) knows the ECOTURBINO from social media and was immediately fascinated by the idea of being able to save around 40% water without any loss of comfort. The ECOTURBINO, the only water-saving system for the shower where the shower jet and shower comfort remain the same, is the must-have for sustainable hotels.

The Bio-Schlosshotel – incidentally the first Swiss Historic Hotel in Eastern Switzerland – combines cosy relaxation with culinary delights and sensual-cultural stimulation for its guests in the midst of beautiful nature and close to Lake Constance. Awarded the Travellers’ Choice Award, the hotel ranks among the top 10% of all hotels worldwide. No wonder that quality and comfort play a major role in all decisions concerning culinary delights, room furnishings and, of course, water and wellness. Accordingly, we are pleased that the Schlosshotel will also be using ECOTURBINO in its showers in the future.

The advantages were immediately recognised and implemented

In order to get an idea of the function, Hotel Director Butz ordered the ECOTURBINO via the Rabmer WebShop and tested it right away in the hotel. It worked wonderfully and the decision was immediately made to equip all rooms with it. After 3 months of use in the summer season, Mr. Butz can sum up with satisfaction: “So far, we have not received any negative reports regarding the shower or the water jet being too small, so no one has really noticed the change and I can fully recommend the ECOTURBINO to others.


At Wartegg Castle, this saves around 600 m3 of water, 8 tonnes of CO2 and € 2,800 in operating costs every year. This is a perfect win-win situation for the hotel and the environment!

For your personal ECOTURBINO offer, please contact our specialists at greentech@rabmer.at, +43/7230/7213-741 or see for yourself and order your personal ECOTURBINO right now in our webshop.