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The Naturhotel Pfösl in South Tyrol does it - save water with the ECOTURBINO®

The Naturhotel Pfösl in Nova Ponente is located on a sunny high plateau, nestled between lush meadows and dense forest. The fresh mountain air, the mighty mountain peaks and the regional specialties let you completely forget everyday life during your stay. Sustainability is lived in the Naturhotel Pfösl: “We offer holidays in harmony with nature. The respectful and sustainable handling of our nature and the lived regionality are our roots. These values ​​ensure more health, vitality and even more joy in what we do ”, say the hosts Eva and Brigitte Zelger and Daniel Mahlknecht. The hotel offers its guests, among other things, zero waste room ware (shampoo, soap, etc.) without plastic, the rooms are mainly furnished with wood from the local mountains, the finest loden fabrics and natural materials, made by local craftsmen, and all the warmth is provided by the nearby wood processing company related to a biomass heating plant.


The best way to achieve climate neutrality is with Ecoturbino!

The Naturhotel Pfösl has set itself an ambitious goal insofar as it wants to be climate-neutral in three years’ time – and so it was decided, among other things, to equip all showers with ECOTURBINOs in order to reduce water, energy and costs, but at the same time for the guests to offer the highest level of comfort. “We have already tested several water saving systems. The Ecoturbino was then installed on a trial basis in a private house – I was positively surprised by the shower experience: Despite enormous water savings, the shower jet intensity remains at a comfortable level. We have now equipped 70 showers in our hotel with the Ecoturbino, ”says Mahlknecht.


Climate protection and shower comfort go hand in hand here

Around 70 Ecoturbinos are in use in the Naturhotel Pfösl, saving around 1,300m³ liters of water and 52,300 kWh of energy annually, which translates into a cost reduction of around 5,600 euros. The Ecoturbino pays for itself after just 6 months.

Here you can find more information about our innovative water-saving system ECOTURBINO.

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