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Saving water without sacrificing comfort at Vortuna Gesundheitsresort Bad Leonfelden

At Vortuna Gesundheitsresort Bad Leonfelden, everything revolves around the guest: top rooms to meet the highest standards are just as much a matter of course as first-class cuisine and friendly, competent staff. Comfort and relaxation are top priority, for a restful and sustainably effective stay.

Between water scarcity and the highest quality comfort

But due to the hot summers in recent years and the persistent drought in the Bad Leonfelden area was clear for hotel director Harald Birngruber, the health resort Vortuna must immediately set an action in terms of water saving, in order to be able to contribute significantly to environmental protection and also to water conservation for Bad Leonfelden: "Water saving is of course also in our house an important factor, not only to reduce costs, but also significantly to conserve the resource water and our environment. But especially with the high quality demands in our house the balancing act between saving and highest comfort for the guest is crucial. That's why the ECOTURBINO water saving solution convinced us completely and we are very proud to have made an important contribution to water saving and this with full comfort for our guests".

Savings and hygiene at the highest level

The ECOTURBINO water-saving innovation has been installed in a total of 174 showers. An incredible 3.2 million liters of water and over 20,000 euros can be saved annually. The investment has completely paid for itself in just under 4 months. In the Vortuna health resort, in addition to comfort and cost reduction, special emphasis is naturally also placed on hygiene, and it is in this area that the special advantages of the ECOTURBINO come into their own even more. Due to the strong turbulence of the water with the addition of air, the shower hose and the shower head remain free of deposits and biofilm. This reduces the risk of germ formation and legionella.

Here you can find more information about our innovative water saving system ECOTURBINO.

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