Ecoturbino® WHITE COATED - 40% water and energy savings with 100% comfort

59,90 incl. VAT

The ingenious turbine for your shower - saves 40% water and energy with 100% showering pleasure.

  • ECOTURBINO - save approx. 40% water and energy
  • Without loss of comfort
  • quickly and easily screwed to the fitting in front of the shower hose
  • Annual savings in a 4-person household of up to € 440,-.
    (Based on water and energy prices in Vienna as of August 2022)
  • Money back guarantee
  • TÜV certified
  • Austrian Ecolabel

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Size 35 × 22 cm


With the Austrian invention ECOTURBINO, Rabmer offers the solution to save water quickly, easily and efficiently. With this small turbine, which can also be easily retrofitted, 40% of water and energy costs can be saved when showering. The special feature of the innovative ECOTURBINO technology is that the shower comfort is maintained. Due to the addition of air, the water jet is almost as strong as before.

Attention with already existing economy shower heads! These are often marked by the addition "Green" or "ECO" in the product name and contain built-in plastic parts that limit the water flow. This can cause the water accelerated by the Ecoturbino to be slowed down considerably in the economy shower head - a recoil effect occurs and water escapes from the air hole in the Ecoturbino. In this case, we recommend removing the water-saving insert or strainer from the shower head or purchasing an ECOTURBINO shower set.


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Technical details

  • Item weight: 10 g
  • Product weight incl. packing: 200 g
  • Dimension (L x Ø in mm): 35 x 22
  • Color white (coated)
  • Connection 1/2″ thread