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The Ambassador Hotel in Vienna does it - saving water with the ECOTURBINO®

Elegant, stylish and luxurious – that describes the Hotel Ambassador in Vienna best. The Hotel Ambassador can also look back on a tradition that has been significantly shaped by the last 200 years of contemporary history. If you take a detailed look at the history of the Ambassador, the mirror image of the historical and urban development of Vienna’s city center is revealed. “Located in the finest part of the city and equipped with all the comforts of modern times” – this is how the hotel advertised under the name “Hotel Krantz” in the Wiener Zeitung No. 127 on Saturday, June 4th, 1898, p. 12. This self-portrayal is valid today as much as then.

Reside with the highest level of comfort

The Ambassador, with its long history, can rightly be described as one of the most traditional hotels in the city. And not just in terms of its function as a hotel. Over the years, people have encountered the Hotel Ambassador in a wide variety of functions and under different names. The spectrum ranges from use as a private house to use as an exclusive ballroom for the highest Viennese society, from the concert hall to the posh hotel. Luxury and tradition in a stylish ambience with the latest technical equipment – this is how the Hotel Ambassador, which was lovingly renovated in 2000, presents itself today. As a top hotel, we not only value the comfort and satisfaction of our guests, but also the environment.

Luxury and water saving measures perfectly combined
In the Hotel Ambassador in Vienna, a total of 95 showers were equipped with the ECOTURBINO® water saving system. This saves a lot of water and energy, while at the same time providing maximum shower comfort for the guests. A total of around € 11,000 in costs, around 1,900 m3 of water and more than 77,000 kWh of energy can be saved annually. The investment pays for itself after just four months.


Here you can find more information about our innovative ECOTURBINO water saving system.

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