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The business hotel Airotel does it - save water with the ECOTURBINO®

On the green outskirts of Linz in the immediate vicinity of the airport, the 3-star Superior Hotel Airotel welcomes business customers and travelers in particular with the motto “Arrive & feel good”. Guests expect a certain standard and comfort, and it is increasingly important to meet sustainability requirements.

Save water and maintain comfort
Airotel owner Gerold Royda wants to fulfill exactly these ideas and wishes for his guests and therefore attaches great importance to further developing his accommodation in a sustainable manner. With the installation of the Ecoturbino water and energy saving system in all showers, he has managed to significantly reduce water consumption and energy costs while at the same time ensuring comfort for his guests: “In our family-run hotel, the economical use of resources is important to us respectful treatment of our environment and the bond with our region is an important concern. We want to keep negative influences on nature to a minimum and use our resources carefully. At the same time, a reliable, consistently high standard is essential for the satisfaction of our guests. By using the Ecoturbino in our house, we offer our guests full shower comfort, save water and energy and have therefore also been able to reduce our operating costs. So it’s a win-win-win situation for us, our guests and the environment.”


Here you can find more information about our innovative ECOTURBINO water saving system.

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